Iron Fuzion®

Iron Supplement from Natural Plant Extracts

Iron Fuzion is a plant-based formula made with iron extracted from curry tree leaves. It’s blended with organic thyme, echinacea root, and fulvic acid to support optimal iron absorption and utilization. Gentle on your digestive system and perfect for a healthy lifestyle!

  • Optimizes Oxygen Utilization

  • Heightens Energy Levels

  • Promotes Brain Health

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Iron Fuzion®

Iron Supplement from Natural Plant Extracts


What Is Iron Fuzion?

Iron is an essential nutrient that supports a range of important functions in your body. Iron helps you produce red blood cells, keeps your energy levels up, and even helps you think clearly.  However, getting enough iron in your diet can be tricky — especially if you don’t consume a lot of red meat.

Iron Fuzion makes it easy to get the iron you need. Made with iron extracted from curry tree leaves (Murraya koenigii), Iron Fuzion is a natural, plant-based formula that’s enhanced with organic thyme, echinacea root, and fulvic acid — all of which aid the transport and absorption of iron. Unlike typical iron supplements that cause constipation or upset stomach, Iron Fuzion is easy on your digestive system. Try it for yourself and discover the difference that plant-based iron can make! Each vegetarian capsule provides 18 mg of plant-based iron, and every bottle lasts 60 days when used as directed.

Health Benefits of Iron Fuzion

Iron is an important nutrient that’s instrumental for your body’s inner workings and Iron Fuzion provides it in the right form.

Avoid Low Iron

Iron is an important nutrient that your body needs but doesn’t produce. If you’re not getting it in your diet, you need to get it another way. Iron Fuzion is an easy way to avoid iron deficiency.

Use Oxygen Better

Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin, a critical component of red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body. Without it, concerns like iron deficiency anemia may arise.

Supports Energy

Iron is important for healthy energy levels. In addition to helping transport oxygen throughout your body, iron is a major component of cellular respiration and mitochondrial function.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Iron Fuzion

Easy on the Stomach – Man sitting in front of desk facing window and enjoying a cup of tea
Easy on the Stomach

Iron Fuzion is gentle and it’s less likely to cause constipation than most iron supplements.

Complete Blood Builder – Young woman stretching in the park
Complete Blood Builder

Iron is needed in order for your body to make hemoglobin, which it uses to make red blood cells.

Helps Beat Fatigue – Man stretching leg on wall of bridge
Helps Beat Fatigue

If you inexplicably feel tired more often than not, it could be a sign that your iron levels are too low.

Promotes Brain Health  – Young woman resting on couch reading a book
Promotes Brain Health

Iron supports the brain’s production of neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine.

Supports the Immune System – Woman with eyes closed on the beach enjoying the breeze
Supports the Immune System

Iron promotes a healthy immune system and helps it respond both quickly and efficiently.

Iron Fuzion is the plant-based solution to low iron. Made with iron extracted from curry tree leaves, it’s natural, absorbed at an ideal rate, and has supportive co-nutrients that help your body use iron efficiently. If you need a consistent source of high-quality iron, this is it!

Dr. Edward Group

Suggested Use

Adults: Take one capsule daily with food, or as recommended by your healthcare provider.


Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving %DV
Iron (from organic curry [Murraya koenigii, leaf], organic thyme [Thymus vulgaris, leaf], organic echinacea [Echinacea purpurea, root])‡ 18 mg 100%

Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule (cellulose), organic gum acacia, fulvic ionic mineral complex.

‡Orgen-I is a registered trademark of Orgenetics, Inc.


What's in Iron Fuzion

Iron (from organic curry [Murraya koenigii, leaf], organic thyme [Thymus vulgaris, leaf], organic echinacea [Echinacea purpurea, root])
Vegetable Capsule (cellulose)
Organic Gum Acacia
Fulvic Acid

What's Not in Iron Fuzion

No Alcohol Alcohol
No Harsh Chemicals Harsh Chemicals
No Dairy Dairy
No Gluten Gluten
No Soy Soy
No Toxic Additives Toxic Additives

Why Iron Fuzion Is Different

Vegan, easy-to-digest, and formulated for optimal absorption, Iron Fuzion is the best iron supplement available.

Our Product
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All-Natural Plant-Based Formula

There are two types of iron — heme and non-heme, and they’re not equal. Non-heme iron comes from plants and is absorbed at a more optimal and controlled rate than heme iron. Iron Fuzion is formulated with non-heme iron extracted from organic curry tree leaves.

Made With Animal Products

Most of the iron supplements on the market are made with heme iron that’s extracted from animal products. In addition to being inappropriate for people following a plant-based lifestyle, heme iron is absorbed faster and may cause unhealthy iron level spikes.

Easy on the Digestive System

Plant-based iron is gentle on the digestive system and less likely to cause constipation or other discomfort typically caused by iron supplements. With Iron Fuzion, you can get the iron you need without blocking up your digestive system or other unpleasant side effects.

Causes Constipation

A lot of iron supplements feel like they’re depositing 10 pounds of iron into your stomach with the way they cause constipation and block up your digestive system. Many people have to take additional remedies to counteract the negative side effects of standard iron supplements.

More Safe

You need the right amount of iron. Not too much, and not too little. Iron Fuzion provides a conservative 18 mg of plant-based iron per serving. It’s the same type of iron you get from plant-based food, and it's more efficiently used by your body, and less likely to cause iron toxicity.

Less Safe

Iron toxicity is a real danger when taking iron supplements, especially animal- or mineral-sourced iron. Such formulas are concentrated and absorbed much more aggressively by your body. They can result in uneven spikes in your iron levels or even iron overload.


Tips for Taking Iron Fuzion

Support Your Gut

Whether you get iron from your diet or a daily supplement, your gut influences how much iron you can absorb and use. A high-quality probiotic like Floratrex® supports the gut and encourages optimal nutrient absorption.

Time Your Servings

Coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate and medications like thyroid medications, antibiotics, and antidepressants affect iron absorption. Take Iron Fuzion two hours apart from these foods and medications.

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